Lancashire. Ass. of Change Ringers (Furness & South Lakeland Branch) Hawkshead

Sunday services 9-9.30am – practice night Tuesday 7.30-9.00 (Mondays in July & August). Please check first with contact below.

Meeting times: Tue. practice 7.30pm – 9pm.
Sunday service 9am – 9.30am St Michael’s Church, Hawkshead.
Contact: John Gunner Tel: 015394 36209 Email:

Hawkshead First Responders Hawkshead

We respond to cardio-vascular emergencies following 999 calls and should arrive at the scene before the Ambulance, with defibrillators and oxygen. Join us and/or subscribe…… you’re life may depend on it!

Chairman: Neil Morris, Treasurer: Eileen Johnson
Contact: Neil Morris Tel: 015394 36659 Email:

Hawkshead Masonic Lodge Hawkshead

Freemasonry is an association of friends. It practices disipline of life, concern and kindness in the community, honesty in business, care for the less fortunate, help for those in need and has social activities. It has a long history of Charitable support for society and is not a secret society.

Meeting times: 3rd Thursday of the month, September – April
The Market Hall, The Square, Hawkshead, LA22 0NZ
Secretary: John Fielding Tel: 01539 740350 Email:

Hawkshead & District Stage Society Hawkshead

Secretary/Contact: Evelyn Marsh Tel: 015394 31158

Market Hall Hawkshead

The recently-refurbished Market Hall provides a venue for a range of community events – meetings, coffee mornings, private parties – and commercial exhibitions. The Assembly Room seats 110 in cinema-style, the Lower Room approximately 40. There is a fully-equipped kitchen on the lower floor and galley-kitchen on the upper floor. Charges start from £6.60 per hour.

Available all year.
The Square, Hawkshead.
Secretary: Mrs Sue Maxwell
Contact and Bookings: Paul Gregson Tel. 015394 36452 email:

Hawkshead Recreation Ground (Trust) Hawkshead

Recreational facilities for the village. The trust administers all matters relating to the recreation ground. It supplies the equipment and meets the running costs. It relies solely on charitable donations.

Chair: Daniel Luscombe, Treasurer: Barry Wilson
Contact: Daniel Luscombe Tel: 07855258949, Email:

Royal British Legion Hawkshead Branch

The Legion’s mission is to safegaurd the welfare, interest and memory of those who have served in the armed forces, or who are serving today. The loacl branch raises funds to support these objectives and help current and former service personnel in the area. Membership is open to all.

Chair: John Dewhurst, Secretary: Roger Banks, Treasurer: Jim Bennett
Contact: Roger Banks Tel: 015394 36260 Email:

Trefoil Guild Hawkshead

Ladies welcome to come and enjoy monthly meetings with a varied programme, and to support the guide units in their activities. A £12.50 yearly subscription fee.

Meeting times: Ten meetings, 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm Park House, 23 Main Street, Hawkshead, LA22
Chair: Elizebeth Haywood, Secretary: Anne Battersby, Treasurer: Judith Myers
Contact: Judith Myers Tel: 015394 41245

Hawkshead & Outgate W.I. Hawkshead

W.I. offers opportunities for women to meet in a variety of activities, to develop new skills and interests, and campaign on issues that matter to us and our community.

Meeting times: 2nd Tuesday of the month,1.30pm – 3.30pm and 3rd Monday 7.45pm-0.30pm of each month. All are welcome to come to any of our meetings, for a small charge, or to become a member for an annual fee.
President: Rosemary Horwoodtel;015394 36005 & Secretary: Sue Barr 015394 36510,

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